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Lord’s Palace Spa, a blend of Eastern traditions with European quality, will take its guests to perfect harmony between body and soul. Customized services according to the basic needs of guests, boutique design, and unique tea rituals reflect the elegance of the Far East with distinctive gestures. The hammam, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, indoor pool, and relaxation areas offer a peaceful environment for guests to refresh.


You will experience serenity here, our flaw.


Our massages, designed specifically to create a personalized experience using specially designed oils, offer our guests the most valuable luxury. While relaxing your body, it provides an environment where you can also listen to your soul.


Indulge in the traditional Turkish bath culture while experiencing the quality of Lord’s Palace Hotel at the Classic Turkish Hamam.


Lord’s Palace Spa, a combination of European quality and Eastern traditions, reflects the elegance of the Far East with personalized services tailored to the basic needs of its guests, boutique design, and unique tea rituals.

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