Full Time


Lord's Palace Hotel

General Qualifications

  • Must be at least High School graduate. Preferably graduated from the School of Tourism Management-Faculty,
  • Worked as a Receptionist in similar hotels for at least 3 years,
  • Must know at least one foreign language.
  • To be able to use MS Office programs and Hotel Package Program at a good level.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and human relations,
  • Attention to detail, result-oriented analytical thinking,
  • Completed military service for male candidates.
  • A resident or will be able to reside in KKTC / Kyrenia.

Job description

  • Welcoming the guest in a friendly manner and performing the C-in process with fast and clear information.
  • DOP etc. to the instructions, regulations prepared by the Front Office Manager. and to plan and manage their work in accordance with the Check List.
  • The guests who will check-in to the hotel during the day wait for information from the Shift Leader to unblock their rooms. Reg. To have it corrected on the card.
  • Ensures that all documents filled in by him are completed before the shift ends, and deliver them to the on-duty receptionist.
  • For C-out transactions, it receives the time request from them for baggage transactions by phone or face-to-face with the guests and sends it to the Bellcaptain in charge. To accept the guest’s payment by presenting detailed statements for the room and Extra accounts during C-out.
  • To transfer all kinds of requests and suggestions to the relevant system regarding the hotel general areas and rooms and to follow up.
  • To give clear and accurate information to the questions and requests directed to the guest in order to keep the guest satisfaction at the highest level.
  • To have full knowledge of all financial transactions such as cash-credit card transactions, foreign currency exchange.
  • Provides the organization and filing of documents. It also performs archiving.