Internal Audit Manager



Internal Audit Manager


Full time


Lord's Palace Hotel

General Qualifications

  • University degree in Business Administration, Economics, Economics, Finance or related departments,
  • Preferably fluent in English
  • Worked in the internal audit departments of companies operating in the tourism sector,
  • With at least 3 years of experience,
  • Having advanced knowledge of uniform chart of accounts, accounting, hotel automation systems and operational processes,
  • Sales, Financial Affairs, Finance, Human Resources, Front Office, SPA, Stock, Cost, Purchasing, Revenues and Credits, General Accounting, Budget, Annual Report etc. Experienced in auditing activities,
  • Capable of collecting, analyzing and combining data,
  • Attention to detail, result-oriented and analytical thinking,
  • Able to adapt to flexible working hours,
  • Successful in teamwork, fast, dynamic, strong communication, negotiation, planning and organizational skills,
  • Able to use MC Office programs effectively,
  • Especially the Logo Tiger program; Able to use Materials Control, Micros Symphony and Fidelio Suite 8 programs effectively,
  • High verbal and written communication skills,
  • Completed military service for male candidates,
  • Preferably residing or able to reside in KKTC/Kyrenia.

Job description

  • To take part in the internal audit of our hotel within the framework of the company’s risk-oriented internal audit activities,
  • Performing periodic audits in line with the Annual/Monthly and Daily audit plan,
  • Preparing audit reports in line with audit findings,
  • Hotel activities; Performing audits to determine compliance with legal regulations, internal operating procedures, hotel management and board of directors decisions,
  • To support activities, examinations, investigations and special studies in the audit program or requested out of the program,
  • Reporting and presenting the findings and recommendations on critical risk, internal control and governance issues and critical audit findings in these areas,
  • To follow up the actions regarding the nonconformities detected in the audit activities and the critical risks and related findings,
  • Continuously monitor the timely completion and effectiveness of internal audit tasks and make necessary improvements.